We Do It for the Happy

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Happiness is your natural state. Worry is its enemy.


One of our biggest sources of worry is concerning our health. The world would have us believing that cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are unavoidable and lurking around every corner—waiting to pounce. While we CrossFitters are not immune to health problems, we know that we are doing everything we can to not be responsible for them.

Another source of worry is what people think of us. As CrossFitters we have learned that we are more capable than we ever thought we were. We regularly participate in activities we once thought impossible. We achieve on a regular basis. We develop a healthy opinion of ourselves that often overrides our concern for others’ opinions of us.

A third source of worry is finding ourselves in situations we are unable to handle. Flat tires, muggings, car wrecks, bar fights, the backyard with our grandkids. Again, many CrossFitters have laid this worry to rest and are living a fuller, happier life with their newfound fitness.


Many people think of CrossFit as too hard or too difficult. They do not wish to experience the discomfort that we seem to love.

What they don’t realize is that CrossFit is not about loving discomfort, nor is it some crazy masochistic endeavor. It isn’t pain for the sake of pain.


Comfort is actually the result… Comfort from worry.


We do it for the Happy.