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All in one workout that will take you less than 20 minutes?! CrossFit is crazy yo!

But it works.

A Triplet of three different ways to challenge your fitness to make sure we are well rounded individuals.

Looking at the workout today, first thing i would think about is…


What weight can i power clean 12 times in about  a minute??

Or what weight can I cycle in 3 sets of 4??

Or fast singles would work but Ill have to stay right on top the bar doing a rep envy five seconds.


Can i go unbroken on any of these sets of 15?

Or should i break them up in to sets of five from the jump??

Singles if i absolutely have to but I know i have to keep moving, no time to break this should take me a minute and a half at the most.


Stay on the box more often than on the ground.

Can I rebound all of these in a row or should i take a break at 10 on top of the box and then hit 8 more?

Step down overtime and keep it moving never was a bad plan neither.

Land my heels on the box every time is crucial I can’t mess my shins up anymore.

Just a few things that run through my head when I look at a workout and since I’m always trying to get you guys to breakdown and game plan your wods. I figured some of these questions or ideas will help you in deciding on scaling and how to attack them.

Talk with your Coach about some of these things if they spark an interest, it helps i promise.

Back to work.


Metcon (Time)
3 Rounds for time

12 Power Cleans 135/95
15 Toes to bar
18 Box Jumps 24/20