What We Are Doing is Sacrosanct


Have you ever done something you really, truly believed in? Maybe you were part of a cause or an initiative. Maybe you pulled your son or daughter aside at a sporting event to try and encourage them.

I was talking with a client the other day who was telling me a story that happened last weekend. His son was in a shooting competition and while on the firing line, awaiting the skeet to eject from the thrower, he prematurely fired his shotgun.

If you have ever shot on a range or in groups, this is a HUGE no-no. The blunder of all blunders. Not only does it display a lack of focus but it displays a lack of focus that can have some largely detrimental consequences for others.

This client ran to the firing line to have some words with his son. A little to fuss, a little to console and help him regain his focus. While this was happening the range officer began fussing loudly at the client for interrupting the days activities which our client blatantly ignored. He ignored them because he believed what he was doing to be sacrosanct.

“At CrossFit Breaux Bridge and CrossFit St. Landry we believe what we are doing is sacrosanct.”

I love words.

I believe that our intelligence, our ability to exercise our minds, comprehend concepts, synthesize ideas, and innovate intellectually is severely enhanced or limited by our vocabulary.

But I still had to look up this word.

Sacrosanct – regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with.

At CrossFit Breaux Bridge and CrossFit St. Landry we believe what we are doing is sacrosanct. We are saving lives, altering destinies, positively impacting entire families, athletic teams, moms, dads, teachers, machinists, lawyers, doctors, salesman, police officers, military veterans, firefighters, priests, coaches, students, dentists, managers, friends.

And we will NEVER stop,

Join us.