Thank all of you that brought a friend. It’s always great to see the looks on the friends faces when they see what you guys are capable of.

Today we start off with some shoulder stability to help keep our shoulders strong and healthy. Having strong and stable shoulders gives us the ability to hold loads over our heads.  When we go into handstand holds or overhead squats, we need stable shoulders to keep the weight from crushing down on us.

The WOD today goes down in reps with the snatches while the reps go up in the rows.

The high hang snatch starts at full extension. Once we have the bar at the hips we don’t lower it back down to mid thigh or top of knees. Stay at the hips with the bar.

Renegade rows will require us to keep our core braced while doing them. Keep your feet about shoulder width or a little wider apart. Don’t rotate at the hips keep your shoulders squared to the floor.


Shoulder Stability
Bulletproof Shoulders
Metcon (Time)
High Hang Snatch 115/75

Renegade Row + Burpee 45/25

135/95 High Hang Snatch
53/35 KB Row